Working Since March 2015

Grand River Healthy Communities (GRHC) is a community-wide initiative that is changing the way we work together to enable citizens to access affordable and quality food and housing, employment, education, recreation, and healthcare services.


In March 2015, ninety-five community leaders representing over forty organizations in Brantford and Brant County came together to provide a framework for priority setting and a basis for collective action.

The Grand River Healthy Communities mandate is clear – we are committed to improving health outcomes for the people of our communities based on enhancements that are actionable and rooted in collaboration with community partners.

Identifying and addressing priority issues from a community and inclusive perspective are central to the process of creating better health outcomes for our citizens.

Grand River Healthy Communities was established in 2017 as an evolution of the Healthy Brantford initiative, which was launched in 2015. We are focused on:

• Engaging the community and key stakeholders, • Reviewing barriers and promoting opportunities for improving access to programs and services, and • Strengthening existing initiatives or examining the feasibility of proceeding with new initiatives that will enhance community health and wellness.

The GRHC collaborative is co-led by the Brant County Health Unit in partnership with a variety of diverse community stakeholders including the City of Brantford and the Grand River Community Health Centre.


Grand River Healthy Communities is an initiative that requires the collaboration of the community as a whole, including citizens, businesses, education, community agencies and the City of Brantford. We all have an important part to play in improving health outcomes in our community.

Please contact Tracy at Healthequity@bchu.org, or call 519-753-4937 ext. 257, to learn how you or your organization can support the Grand River Healthy Communities initiative. Join our team to be part of Brantford and Brant County’s journey to becoming a healthier community.

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