Prosperity is defined as the state of flourishing, thriving, good fortune or successful social status. While it often encompasses wealth, prosperity also includes other factors that can be independent of wealth, such as happiness, wellbeing, good health, safety, and equal opportunities to access education, jobs and health care which in effect leads to better health outcomes overall.


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More than four out of five Brantford residents are satisfied with their life overall; however, almost half of all Brantford residents spend more than is recommended on housing costs, leaving little money for other monthly needs. 

Some of the reasons why Brantford residents spend more on housing include:

  • Housing costs are too high
  • The geared to rent income waitlist is too long
  • More affordable neighborhoods are not always safe
  • Incomes are too low
  • There are not enough good paying jobs

These were some of the themes highlighted at a Prosperity Forum hosted by the Grand River Healthy Communities Initiative in September 2017. The Forum brought together organizations from Brant County, the City of Brantford and Six Nations. Topics such as income, housing, and safety were discussed as participants determined how to create a community where everyone has access to affordable housing, secure employment and safe neighborhoods.

As a result of the Forum, three action groups were created:

  1. An income group to examine  ways to help youth who are not working find jobs or return to school to better improve their job options. 
  2. A housing group that is working to organize housing networking event to encourage partnerships within Brantford to improve housing conditions for residents
  3. A safety group which is supporting the Truth and Reconciliation calls to action efforts in Brant and Brantford by attending cultural awareness workshops being led at Six Nations Polytechnic.

Our groups are still accepting members if you are interested in getting involved.